The Butterflies of Somerset

Butterfly identification, food plants and locations to find different species within Somerset are all covered here in my 'Guide to the Butterflies of Somerset'
I hope that you will find this and my other 'Somerset Wildlife' guides of interest whether resident or visiting the fabulous county of Somerset for the first time.
Within this guide I have tried to give you the basic information to help you Identify butterfly species found in Somerset, learn their flight times to enable you to pick the right times to find the different species listed on this site. I have also include some of the food plants that they and more importantly their caterpillar form eat and locations where you can find specific species. Over time I will add to the site as new species are recorded and photographed. 
The site is purposefully easy to navigate and use with selected information about each species covered to make it a place of easy and quick reference. Some information will be from my own knowledge whilst out observing and photographing these wonderful insects so I hope this website will be of interest to you whatever your interest in butterflies is. So sit back and enjoy the wonderful county of Somerset and the beautiful butterflies that fly within it!
Higgy :-)
Find butterflies in Somerset by visiting my 'Locations' page and clicking here.
This page already has a good number of top locations but will continue to be updated as required.
What have you seen? Or curious about butterflies, then visit my Identification Gallery by clicking here. Utilising my own photographs that will continue to be updated as required.

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